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Welcome everyone. The RocketLAN Organization has been founded to try and help the players bring quality Rocket League LAN Events to every region, with a little help if necessary.

We wanted to build an online place so that Rocketeers everywhere could easily find or create RL Lans to wreck eachother in person. If you’ve never experienced one of these events, you’re missing out.

What we want to do now is start by sharing the processes, resources, and anything else we can to help get these events going everywhere, and if possible build a way for likeminded individuals to connect here and create and promote thier events.

Long term we envision Regions facing off agaisnt eachother for Bragging Rights, if not Prizes too. These Region vs Region Faceoffs could happen at LANs if within the same state/area, but more likely would then go Online as part of the RocketLAN system, and hopefully someday have a Simultaneous LAN in 8+ cities with the best teams from their regions facing off such as LA vs NY.

If this sounds good to you as a player, just bookmark this page and link up with us on Facebook & Twitter, and then keep an eye out for events in your area. For those of you who want to go deeper down the rabbit hole, Reach out to us Directly and we will do what we can to help you get a Local Event going or even to help you set up a Regional Organization for repeated events.

– Don “Mindflayr” Braymer

Note: My personal experience comes from meeting a great group of players down in San Diego, CA from the San Diego Rocket League (SDRL) organization. I got my first taste of RL LAN action and a whoopin at the SD-LAN Bunker (They host their own events for other games as well) in January, and havent looked back since. Played in LanDiegoState5’s 16 team RL tournament (the same day as the RLCS Qualifier – what a long day). I still am apart of the SDRL Group and worked the most recent event at the Orange County Esports Arena on June 25th. I look forward to being involved in as many So Cal LAN events as possible for as long as Rocket League thrives and helping as many other players have a similar experience.




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